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Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
Lead Generation
Website & UHD Video Production*

WPM's FCMO℠ team acts as your chief marketing officer; discovering opportunities, developing strategies, concepting collaterals, launching campaigns, integrating marketing efforts with your sales team, measuring results and adjusting efforts accordingly.


WPM's FCMO suite provides clients:

  • strategists

  • art department 

  • a campaign onboarding team

  • campaign analysts

WPM has, over its 20+ years, discovered what works and what doesn't.  It's through this keen understanding that our highly-effective "lead gen" approach has been developed.  It is the "secret sauce" for our agency and for our clients; offering a fully qualified, customized and scaleable option for any client, whether B2B or B2C.  This approach is a serious, battle-tested solution that pays dividends for every client for whom we have used it.

WPM is becoming known for high-end design and function on both its websites and consumer-focused videos.  We create visually appealing collaterals that are designed to move would-be consumers to identify with your brand and ultimately purchase from you.

Barking Dog

Noble Backgrounds



*WPM utilizes 4K-capable UAS platforms & FAA UAS flight-certified cinematographers to obtain stunning results for our clients


Since the early-2000's WPM has stressed to its clients that the most effecive means of conveying a persuasive message is through video .  When we read studies reporting that literally billions of videos are being clicked-on daily, we believe it.  Just about every show that's ever existed can be found on YouTube™, Vimeo™ or some other video sharing site.  Every local television affiliate or national network website contains show clips, news, etc.  Very few people read copy on websites anymore...if you have a 30 second video that will give you the same information as a comparable 2-3 paragraphs of copy, which one are you engaging?


WPM's FCMO team specializes in compelling video creation for products, services, interviews, and other types of brand-critical messaging.



Imagine having a Chief Marketing Officer to develop and implement your marketing plan; a business consultant to measure & integrate it with your sales force (and as needed, modify it), and a dedicated art department that shares the strategic vision of what's needed and desired results; providing timely and effective support collaterals.


That's what WPM's FCMO℠ service offers.  A "turn key" solution that allows businesses to employ resources that have traditionally only been available to much larger companies.


The FCMO℠ model allows you to choose the budgetary limit that's right for your business.  Thus, you keep strict control over your ad-spend and only pay for utilized capacity.  


Fractional Chief Marketing Officer - the effective approach for today's agile enterprise.



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