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Thomas Fereny Fine Shotguns is the venture of a successful Washington, DC entrepreneur.  His long family lineage includes a historic relative who was known, in later years, as a very successful merchant. It was from this relative (Capt. Thomas Ferney) that the brand received its name.


The client came to WPM via referral and was interested in taking his boutique shotgun company and giving it a feel, similar to that of the traditional British "Best Gun" makers.


With TF&Co. being a young brand with limited commercial exposure, WPM's team knew that the most cost effective means of building brand equity and overall demand for the product would be to create a significant social media presence.  Over the 12-month contract (2012-13) WPM built an avid population on Facebook (4,000+ very interested and interactive members).  At the same time catalog photo shoots, videos and corporate messging & standards were developed.  Within the first 6 months of WPM's engagement Thomas Ferney Fine Shotguns had begun selling out of several of its products and would-be clients were asking for more.

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