Periodically we will be adding new/updated information about the continually-changing world of digital & social marketing.


When starting out on a social campaign there are several items you must know.


  1. Figure out a posting/sharing schedule that you can maintain.  Of course, the more you put valuable information in front of people the more effective the campaign can & will be, but your followers (community) will come to expect your messages, so figure out a schedule that you CAN maintain.  If that's 5x, 2x or only 1x per week then stick to it.  You will benefit from being consistent.

  2. Remember, nobody is following you just becasue they LOVE YOUR BRAND.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (especially YouTube) Snapchat, Instagram etc. are, at their core, entertainment and communication platforms...not brand following. So, with that said, be sure that what you're giving your community is "of value."  You MUST have a degree of entertaining information in your feed in order for people to feel that following you is worth their time and effort.



What to post and when is critically important.  Posts should be:


  1. Relevant:  Make sure that your content pertains to your business and audience (know your audience...age, gender, educational background, professional status, etc.)  If you don't know the makeup of your ideal customer and/or follower find out as quickly as you can and then tailor your content to them.

  2. Be sure that your content is "authentic."  Give your followers an inside glimpse of the "people" that make up your company.  People do business with other people and this will go a long way in positioning your brand as not just "corporate," but personal.



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