Retail Consulting | Direct To Consumer

WPM specializes in working with quality products that have broad market potential but are not yet in big-box retail channels for whatever reason.  


We have developed a system that takes these new and innovative products and puts them directly in front of the end consumer(s).


This is accomplished via a strategic pairing of WPM's vast media network, technology division and marketing & sales teams.


We are so sure of our approach, and the products we choose to work with, that we offer our service for a percentage of sales.  Thus, WPM assumes all the risk; if our client does well, we do well.


Feel free to contact us for a no-cost / no-obligation assessment to see if your  product(s)  might be a "good fit" for our services.


Todd Coppernoll - General Partner

Head of WPM Retail Consulting


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